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Why Porsche Design Monomer Enforcement Agency is not just a smart novelty

We carefully observe the brand 2017 flagship watch.Replica Richard Mille RM 70 2017 watches

Time and time again, the new release of the watch need to be more than a rough at a glance to get the appropriate appreciation; this case with the case of Porsche designed overall actuator chronograph watch. Porsche design company in the spring of 2017 officially launched, and soon after landing retailers, Porsche design company hat design into a new innovative pusher design - this unique "rocker" style putter and other on the market s difference.

We will admit that when we first see this work, the design details are completely ignored, but there are more aspects. Monobloc executive also marks the brand is recovering Bauhaus simple, Porsche design watch base has Hublot KING POWER OCEANOGRAPHIC replica watches


Since the launch of the Porsche Design Chronograph I in 1972, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche has laid the foundation for the Porsche Design Clocks Division to become a very unique design DNA. Innovative surface treatment and materials are standard in this course - the brand is the first case to complete the black watch in 1972, and is the first case in the table on the titanium table in 1980. But first of all, the Bauhaus features conform to the form of design specifications through the collection of years of resonance.

The design of the Monobloc actuator is in line with these specifications in comparison with the Porsche design company in recent years. In this collection with 1919 opened in 2016, the brand pointed out in the right direction. Its case and the overall bracelet without any decoration, but to provide clean lines and sharp angle. The simplicity of the swing pusher eliminates the need for external protruding pushes, and its knurled corners are only for practical use, and increase grip strength, rather than visual

Whether these aesthetics will attract you, of course, will be subjective, and with many watches on the market, Monobloc actuator is not perfect. At 45.5 mm distance, this is definitely not slim and trimmed, although for some cases this will be more relevant to the situation. The design of the headset without headphones greatly contributes to its fit on the wrist; however, its 15.6 mm shell height may be some challenge. According to our experience, variants of Monobloc actuators on rubber straps help to minimize some of the visual effects of the film. Once again, the wrist of the larger wrist will not be on the bracelet to test the version on the problem.




The new MB & F LM Split Escape is the mainstream of the time interval

Take a closer look at the latest works of the MB & F "Legacy Machine" series.

MB & F LM Split Escapement is special. The Legacy Machine series released in 2011 has been complex and complex, but never deviated from its core features: manual winding, traditional finishing, round box, huge dome crystal, and a beautiful 2.5 Hz balanced cock hanging from a fork. Compared with the final legacy machine (permanent), split-type escapement system is a complex wave, in this iteration, the coast also left some very special things.HYT H2 ICEBERG WHITE GOLD 248-TW-00-BF-RA replica watch

Those who take the time to study Legacy Machine Perpetual beyond indicators and gear riots may be aware of the unique things in the movement of Stephen McDonnell. Unlike its predecessors, "eternity" does not have its escapement on the action of the dial. On the contrary, the balance of the staff through the movement extension, escapement fixed in the back. The configuration of the watch is really unique, and it is pleasing to observe such an isolated action on either side of the watch.

With the LM Split Escapement, MB & F worked with McDonnell again to simplify and refine this concept in a more pure form. The balance worker stretched 11.78 mm from the balance wheel until the impact of the gem, from the back of the movement of the lever and escapement wheel received impulse gem. Unlike Splpet, Split Escape's hand-polished dial has an footprint that can be placed on its timing, date and 72 hours powered storage dial. The processing of the dial reflects the space by applying a polished brush to provide a wider, more scattered scrub surface than the more commonly used to accommodate larger Bovet replica watches

This is Split Escapement is a main hit. The watch is isolated and the space is tied. Components are divided into categories: adjust and timing on the front, power, transmission and distribution placed on the back. The unique layout of the sport, coupled with its vast blue sky under the sapphire beast, allows these isolated categories to occupy most of the area of ​​their own real estate. This is a watch with a Zen garden with goldfish bowl.


This concept of isolation and space extends to the whole spirit of MB & F: an "art concept lab" composed of independent craftsmen, designers and dreamers; each element of the watch has its own owner, which is identified and celebrated, Has a clear transparency and openness, has become a lasting brand logo.

What are the shortcomings of the LM split escape? You need to try to find one; maybe this is a diameter of 46 mm in diameter, for some 17.5 mm height, this will prove too big. The LM101 is our 40mm, slightly smaller diameter recommended.

MB & F is producing four different dial-up color divisions to avoid: blue, ruthenium, red gold and gold, each 18 replica watches