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This web-site is dedicated to help developing digital language collection for the languages with low-population speaking communities. By now there this site has a collection of information in just one language: Turkmen language, mostly spoken in Turkmenistan. The cultural aspects come together with the language, so there are materials of a culture and history of the nation speaking that particular language.  In future it is planned to add more languages. As an example there is a group of Pamir languages, spoken in the area of Pamir Mountains located mostly in Central Asia region. This language group just establishing their standard written alphabet and this web-site plan to help Pamir language group in establishing as a written language.

In order to develop and spread languages presents a collection of literature and media written on the languages discussed above with translations to English, Russian and Turkish languages. There is some other literature translated into other different languages such as French, Persian etc. You can found them in specific section where you can find all the translations that differs from English, Russian and Turkish.

If you have an article, book, journal etc. written on the language mentioned above, you are pleased to open an account in and add a new content. There are different content types that you can add. For some of them you can add not only the text, but also files. The files could be scanned pictures, pdf file etc. For downloading a file you should be logged in, only after logging in you can found a link for a file attached, for example to books.

Thank you in advance for populating the languages and help them stand out.